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( May. 8th, 2009 06:45 am)
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is that it is Friday.

My plans so far are simple.  I am taking my neighbor out for Chinese tonight.  It seems both her daughters are too busy to think of Mother's Day and she is kind of down so...

Then the weekend will be spent cleaning my house and being lazy.  Though I really must get the house clean so I can take pictures of it to take on my trip with me.  The weather plans to be uncooperative so, I cannot do area pictures this weekend. 

All of my girlfriends are busy this weekend. No surprise there, as they all are mothers and this is their weekend.  I do find myself a little envious as I too am a mother though no one sees this.  I will just keep in my heart thoughts of mine who never had the chance to celebrate this day with me. Enough of being maudlin!

I must make sure the coffee is ready to go, brush my teeth and get out the door.  Another day of cranky complaints and wacky calls awaits me.

Have a beautiful Friday Flist!


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