Apologies first to the flist because I have not mastered "behind the cut". Lariope was supposed to give me an LJ posting lesson, but we ran out of time!

I arrived in NC on Thursday last week and the fun began. Much site seeing ensued as well as getting to go to school with teacher Lariope. I even got to attend graduation with her which surprisingly happened on the 22nd anniversary of my own high school graduation (am I really that old?).

The camera really did not make an appearance until Saturday when we hit the road for SC and our own little Carolina Con with Beffeysue

From left to right Irish(moi), Beffeysue and Lariope.

We laughed, talked, shared food and drink and played a game I had brought along from WI.

This is no ordinary clue game.  It is Harry Potter Clue and I was most fortunate to draw a very inspiring ally.

After a fun filled day Lariope and I spent the night in SC with all intents of driving home early the next morning we were on the road shortly after seven.  Only to have this happen...

Yes, we blew a tire on the road, but this nice southern gentleman stopped and put the donut spare on for us.  And then five miles down the road...

yup, we blew out the spare

This is a view inside the Walmart tire shop we sat outside of until 1:30 in the afternoon when they could change the tire because the south still has Blue Laws.

Let me tell you that was a shock for this little northern gal.

Never the less we had a wonderful time and would do it all again.

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