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([personal profile] irishredlass May. 21st, 2009 08:54 pm)
Well, in the interest to make this an actual account and not somewhere to use my fab icon made by avergoodun I will actually make an entry.

I have never actually had a "blog" account. I have LJ where all my fandom friends live and facebook where all the people I went to school with live, but nothing that is just me. I think, for the time being that is what this will be.

I got a kick out of Lariope's post about Spidey. Sorry, my dear, Spidey would have been dead long ago had he lived in my bathroom. Word to the wise if you have anymore 8 legged friends you'd best tell them to go into hiding when the Irish witch comes to visit. Personally, St. Patrick would have had more of my respect if he had banished all of the spiders though, I have to thank him for sending Severus my way.

I am irishredlass here, irishredlass69 on LJ and irishredlass for all writing you may find by me.


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