I am really pretty easy to please as long as you make at least one of the principle characters miserable in one shape or form.  Give them emotional, mental or physical trauma I don't care; but I love h/c and angst and this requires turmoil.  I also like dead!snape and/or dead!hermione; honestly grief is a great form of angst.

What I don't like:  Don't give me fluff or saccharine sweetness I am a realist and these characters have seen too much for me to find them believable in such a circumstance.  I am not partial to humor especially the slapstick variety (I see enough of that in my real life).

I read fic so I can get lost in someone else's world so suck me in and make me want to weep and I will love you!

From: [identity profile] droxy.livejournal.com

So in a nutshell, you want hurt-comfort with LOTS of hurt/pain/suffering/misery with a side of comfort.

From: [identity profile] irishredlass69.livejournal.com

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. I want the hurt and the pain for appetizers and dinner and then I want the comfort as dessert XD

From: [identity profile] celisnebula.livejournal.com

LOL... I gotta not read other people's wants for the exchange, especially when I am scoping out my giftee's stuff. But I can well understand whatcha want.

Me, I normally end up writing something funny, not angsty. Though I dunno, what I got now as prompt(s) is twisting in my brain.

From: [identity profile] irishredlass69.livejournal.com

LOL I was fortunate I have a prompt in the mix that fits me down to my toes.

From: [identity profile] celisnebula.livejournal.com

I've never had prompts like that. I quibble over everything. Especially if the requestee is super detailed on her wants - cause... my brain doesn't work that way. I do better with vague and winging it. But... I've had some interesting dreams about all of the prompts the last few nights that might yield interesting results.

From: [identity profile] haruhi-fan.livejournal.com

Interesting wanting a flawed or challenged character. That does leave it open to being a hero or villain based on choices in the story. I don't mind cute and sweet and of course being a humorist myself I'm for it. I will 100% agree any story fanfic or otherwise is something someone should get lost in and enjoy. Good stuff!


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