On LJ I went through my friends list and there are those who I have not heard from in forever and a day.  Nothing personal mind you, but if you have been dropped and really did not want to ie you enjoy listening to my work rantings and stupid customer commentary then drop me a note.

From: [identity profile] silverdoe7127.livejournal.com

I may not comment often, but I do enjoy your customer commentary. I love how you don't sugar coat anything with them.

I am usually fairly quiet. 'tis the introvert in me.

From: [identity profile] irishredlass69.livejournal.com

Well I just realized that this post is f-locked so if you saw it then you are safe {{hugs}}

From: [identity profile] silverdoe7127.livejournal.com

LOL, I thought that it was strange that it was F-locked.

From: [identity profile] lady-karelia.livejournal.com

You may want to make that post public; otherwise people no longer on your f-list won't be able to read it. ;)


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