My neighbor and I decided to take a field trip today to Wabasha, MN, which is about an hour drive from home.  Our purpose was we were in search of truffles.  These are not just any truffles, but handcrafted truffles.  Which, by the way, are absolutely against my eating restrictions and completely delicious. 

Wabasha is a quaint little town that many of you may remember from the movies Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. 

I thought I would share some picspam of the shop we visited, Chocolate Escape and the town itself.  They had some wonderful merchandise in the shop.

This mug is an inspiration to all dieting chocoholics.
Chocalte Coffee Mug

And this mug is my personal inspiration.

They had this fabulous mural stretching the whole wall giving the story of chocolate.

Does anyone remember the Green Hornet from the movies?

This is a B&B that recently had to close due to economics.
It is reputed to be haunted.

I just thought this was really cool looking.

Probably should have put this at the beginning, but this is moi by a Wabasha sign.



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