Gotta love my job if for nothing other than the entertainment value.  First, let me preface that I mean no offense to anyone's particular belief pattern.  I, in fact, do believe in the supernatural etc.

Anyway, caller today, a woman in her mid-forties (close to my own age) calls in demanding that we perform an exorcism on her phone line.  She is absolutely convinced that she has a ghost haunting her phone because she can hear voices when she is talking on the phone.  Well my first concealed thought is "well, duh what do you expect when you talk on the phone?" After further conversation (in which I hear her voice) she explains that she is hearing another conversation when she is talking on the phone.  We have already had the lines checked and there is no cross over.  So, I start asking her about her actual phone. She has a 900 MHZ phone! This is like one of the very first models of cordless phones.  I asked her how old her phone is and come to find out she purchased it in 1987! Hello??? Problem solved, at least in my opinion, lady your phone needs to be replaced.  She is still convinced though that the phone line is haunted.  And so it goes...


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