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I have come to the conclusion that when one needs advice, insight or knowledge this is the place to start.  A bit of background:

My friend Kat has a 14 year old kitten who is now in the midst of what maybe a medical crisis.  She started her monthly cycle about 2 years ago and about a year ago had a normal female exam.  In the last 4 months she has been having at least 2 cycles a month (not good).  Kat is the non-custodial parent and finally convinced kitten's father to take her in to the Dr.  The Dr recommended hormonal therapy (ie birth control) to regulate her cycle, but wanted to do another yearly check-up first.  This is where problem begins.  They could not perform the exam.  There is some kind of mass blocking, the Dr could not even insert a finger. They have ordered an ultra sound for this Friday. 

Obviously there is a lot to be considered. Kat has a personal history of cervical cancer and her own mother had many problems with pregnancies.  Everything Kat has read on-line is pointing toward Vaginal Cancer, but she can find no reported information of this condition in one so young. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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