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( Mar. 7th, 2009 02:17 pm)
Well the last approximately 48 hours have been ridiculously busy to say the least.  Left work at 11:45 on Thursday was on the road to Des Moines by 1:30 (why can people never be ready when they say they are going to be?). I had agreed to the trip to help Eagle and "new live-in" move her possessions from storage and her mother's house. So we get there and go to the motel (and I use this word loosely) her mother has scouted out for us.  First, the guy at the desk could not speak english, he called someone on a cell phone and thrust the thing at us.  Second, this places is just flat out scuzzy looking.  We decided to view the rooms before registering.  Let's just say I felt like I needed to take a bath in a vat of sanitizer after stepping through the door, but then what do you expect when they are advertising rooms for $45.00 a night?  Fortunately, the Econo lodge down the road was clean and reasonably priced.  Anyway got the stuff loaded the next morning and were back on the road by noon and back in Minnesota by 5 (sorry folks if you do not want me wrecking the card food is a requirement). K (live in) calls her mom to let her know we made it and mom goes off on her saying how I don't like her and I had best just get over it now.  Okay, hello I do not know you lady, we were there to get a job done and quite frankly how could you tell if I liked you or not through your "Bloody Mary Haze".  In person, I am generally a quiet person until I am comfortable with the people and the situation and I get to know you.  Give me a break!  We spent all of three hours in her presence, two of which we were loading a U-haul! So truck was unloaded this morning and I am finally back in my comfortable little abode.  And how was your weekend?


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