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( Feb. 1st, 2009 12:10 pm)
This month I vow to leave a review for every chapter of new fic I read. I qualify "new" because I do have a tendency to reread those I enjoy :) None the less I am horrible about remembering to leave reviews! I always want to get on to the next chapter and I am afraid everyone will know just how much fanfic I read!
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( Feb. 1st, 2009 02:42 pm)
While driving home from the grocery store I had to laugh at myself, but first some back story.

My Eagle has a new "lady love" and it is not me. Not any real surprise there since I had a few qualifiers: 1) He must actually be DIVORCED from his wife, 2) He must take some time to figure himself out and get his head on straight, and 3) He needed to start showing me some appreciation (he does do this on rare occasion). Well, my qualifiers did not meet with his satisfaction so he moved a woman in that he met on an on-line support group. Yeah, can you believe it she moved from Iowa to Minnesota after having known him on line for 4 months and in person for a week! In her defense she does seem like a nice person and we do get along, but she has her problems literally: 1) She is not yet divorced, 2) she has major health issues and 3) she is not employed and lets face it with the health issues that is not likely to happen. He is once again playing the rescuer which is one thing that makes a relationship with me so unattractive to him... I do not need rescuing.

Anyway, she and I have started to become friends (I have no desire to hex her at the present). Upon moving in it was discovered that her PC is sick... major viruses galore. I cleared out what I could and there are still problems so I asked Lariope for the name of the site that helped her fix her ailing 'puter. I sent this information on to them knowing I would probably be asked to come over and help, no problem there. I do not mind being helpful.
So, Eagle calls me at noonish and suggests I come over around superbowl time to help with the computer and have dinner, as they had plans to go to a movie in the afternoon. I explained this would not be practical as fixing the computer would take hours and I have to work at 7:00 AM. Mind you it is a 40 minute drive one way to his place which would me getting home relatively late not to mention I already have plans for dinner. He was like, "oh well, I guess we will have to set up another time then." It took me until I was driving home to realize he actually sounded rather dejected and taken aback. I think he was rather surprised that I am not willing to drop everything and go do his bidding! Perhaps this has been a good wake up call. I know it has been for me because I have in the past been willing to go run to his rescue no matter the time of day or night or plans I had to cancel. So yes, I am laughing and smiling. We shall see what happens.


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