Dear Flist I find myself with a conundrum. My Eagle's soon the be ex-wife's stepfather passed away early this morning. He was a lovable old curmudgeon and I like his wife as well. Through all of the turmoil created by the Psycho B**** she and I have exchanged very little communication, but all of it has been positive. I have respected her situation caused by the fact that her daughter hates my guts and quite frankly the feeling is mutual. I have understood her need to remain loyal to her child though she knows her daughter is seriously messed up and in the wrong.

My problem is I am saddened by Jerbear's passing and I would like to offer the mother some form of sympathy. It is my normal reaction to send a "real card" and possibly some flowers, but in this case I just do not know. It feels disrespectful and wrong to ignore the passing of someone whom I cared about and respected. Yet, at the same time I do not want to cause her any undue stress by simply expressing compassion and care.

I would welcome your input.
But according to the 1990 census I am the only one in the US.

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How many have your name?



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