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( Jan. 6th, 2009 06:41 am)
Two of my greatest skills and they are being used to the maximum. Around the New Year I began to put some rather innocuous symptoms together and the answer I am coming to does not make me happy. For several months I have been suffering from rather severe mood swings (I naturally thought it was menopause). Then I began to notice other things like: excessive thirst ( I go through at least a gallon and a half of water a day), frequent bathroom trips (I know TMI), fatigue, lack of circulation in my feet ( they have been falling asleep frequently), a funky taste in my mouth (yes I brush) and the topper if I eat anything high in sugar I am literally falling asleep where I sit. Then the light bulb went on... you see my mother was diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes when I was about 13 ( which would have made here 44).

So what do I do I call the doctor to get in ASAP. Well it seems that the earliest they can see me is a week from today (errgh). Now my quandary is this. If I am right and I am pretty sure at this point I am do I start now to alter lifestyle and eating habits? I wonder because if I do this now would it not sque the tests they will ultimately run? I ask your opinion dear flist. Do I made the modifications in line with thinking I am diabetic or do I continue as I always have and wait for the Drs?


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